Friday, December 21, 2012

When this world ends!

What would you take to the other side,
if this world just ended today?
Keep in mind what is of this planet,
will just have on this planet to stay.

I wonder if I can take bits of my childhood,
the feel of summer holidays?
Those trips, those trains, those trees, those fields,
the travel to grandma's place.

Those times when what happened within the pages,
in books was as real my life.
The dashing prince, the brave young woman, and even demons,
who within me, battled all their strife!

Those images of 'best' friends,
the shared secrets and the plenty laughs,
those tears that flowed now and then,
when nothing was done by halves.

That first crush and the heartbreak,
love, loss and awkward moments too,
those trips down memory lane,
to the other side will they make it through?

My sons' first smiles, their first step,
the first day at the new school,
that feeling when they hug me,
in the mind play over again and unspool.

And what of all the hard earned wisdom,
that came with its scars and regrets,
Its just what I'll need on the other side,
when the harder the going gets.

Then there are some unmentioned hopes and wishes,
that may or may not ever be,
but I could not leave them behind here,
when I hold them to my heart so closely.

What Noah may have taken,
on the Ark was what he was told,
But what would you take if you knew,
that today was the end of this world?!

Edited to add. The world was supposed to end 11 other times.. or so  this piece says. It also talks about how we tend to treat the earth with less respect than it deserves when we think that it will end.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When madness strikes.

There are times when I find,
my head comes all unhinged.
The brains fall out, and the loss of them,
is on my acts impinged.

There are times I can tell,
as and when or just before it happens.
But once in a way it slides off the threads,
without me getting a sense.

No sense that it has happened at all,
No sense of what I do,
and the closer you are to who I am,
the worse it may be for you.

So if you see me scraping around,
getting some brains off the ground,
You may want to wait a bit,
till its all back in my head safe and sound.

And then wait some more,
for the madness to subside after I get my head back on.
But don't wait for  complete sanity,
the madness will never be all gone!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What do you do when you see a devil at the airport..

What do you do when you see a she devil on one side and a wicked witch on the other.... in a busy airport too? You just aim and shoot of course!

You hope for a steady hand and that you capture them .... since that may be the most fun you have  at the airport. Airports have always been dull places and  these days are pretty grim as well ... .. grim because security is serious business.(A word to the wise - never joke or look happy with them. Light heartedness is suspect!) Your shoes,  the laptops, the phones and the electronic thingies, in some cases even the belts holding up the pants, all coming off or out..... walking past machines that make you beep unexpectedly and an occasional pat down from a stern looking security person  .. all designed to make you feel like you are a fugitive on the run make the airport very un-fun.  So when you see a devil handing you a boarding pass, you just smile, say thank you and hope  that there are no devils in disguise on board with you. Gives new meaning to the phrase 'the devil you know'.

Why am I blogging about this? Well apart from the nice pictures that I can share, I also liked the fact that despite the storm that disrupted so many plans and must have caused all the airline staff  stress, trying to soothe feathers of ruffled angry passengers, these people made the time and got into the spirit of the celebrations. It is easy to get flustered and seem grim and deal with things very efficiently without looking like you are having fun. This adds an extra dimension. 
It brings a smile to everyone else's face as well.

There was also the lady who had been caged by a Gorilla.

And a Greek god!

 Hurricane Sandy did cause a lot of damage to property .... but it takes more than a hurricane to damage people's sense of humour and the spirit(s) of Halloween!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ever after

Why do fairy tales end with the prince and princess,
riding off into the sunset?
What happens after that,
when life, its twists and turns them beset?

muslim page / Free Photos
After beating the dragons,
and slaying the wicked witch,
after the fancy wedding,
does mundane life look dull as water in a ditch?

Do they wake up from the honeymoon,
and get back to real life?
With all the every day chores,
all the stresses and the strife?

I wonder if the prince stays charming,
and she forever sweet.
Once they know each other better,
how do they each other treat?

Do they argue over money,
about who spends more than the other?
Whose turn it is to do dishes and cook the dinner,
about the bills who does bother?

Does she get ready to throw in the towel,
when he leaves it wet on the bed?
Does she voice all she dislikes,
or just choke on every word unsaid?

Do they move to another land,
when opportunity knocks for one?
What happens when his friends visit,
and she dislikes their beer and 'boys only' fun?

Is life about kids classes and fevers,
and car-pool and day care?
Do they fight and point fingers,
and say 'you did not do your share'?

Does he remember birthdays and special days,
and give her exactly what she wants?
Do they agree on everything-
is life perfect on all fronts?

What happens with age when they grow old,
and infirmities and ill health attack?
Do they unite and fight the war,
just like in their youth, some time back?

Why does no fairy tale,
ever talk about the lives they lead together?
Is it because then you have to talk of how ,
it is not easy riding into the sunset forever.

Fairy tales always  teach us,
that dragons can be beat,
But often life's little problems,
everyday, boring, mundane, are as hard to defeat!

The prince who has never really met the princess before, rescues her from drudgery, abuse and a fate worse than death. They live happily ever after. But while we  learn that dragons and wicked witches always lose, the tale never gives us a peek into their life together. I do wonder how things go when the regular everyday life takes over and the adrenaline rush subsides. The prince may be charming to women he meets for the first time, but does the charm wear thin after a while. The princess may have beautiful feet that fit dainty glass slippers, but does she leave them lying around after every party? What do you think?

Edited to add - And here is something I came across today - Fairytales for 20somethings, that give a new, modern twist to the tales.

Photo credit: muslim page / Foter / CC BY

Sunday, October 7, 2012

As long as the sun shines and the water flows!

One of the best things about writing is that you have to find stories that you want to tell. Often you find stories that are worth telling not just because they are interesting, but also because they are inspiring.

When the lack of infrastructure frustrates us, most of us resort to complaints, whines, raving and ranting.In ex-military man Vivek Mundkur's case it lead to a whole lot of innovations that have solved not just his own problems, but also helped farmers in Bihar, Karnataka and Maharashtra. An excerpt from the piece I did on him in a daily I was writing for at the time reads "Faced with an unreliable and often non-existent power supply, he explored renewable energy sources and built a windmill to power the farmhouse. “A lot of the parts are made from recycled and waste materials, that reduce cost and make it more environment friendly”, he says.  He also built a pedal generator from an old cycle, till the problem of irrigating the farm cropped up.  The rest is history and today he has fitted only two pumps around Pune, two in Karnataka, in Chiplun and one in Pabal, besides the one in the Bihar Chief Minister’s village. The USP of his system is that all it needs is a pump and solar panels. There are no batteries or inverters involved. A 0.5 HP pump can irrigate a one acre plot and thanks to the magic of drip irrigation, use less water and consequently enable the farmer to get three crops a year from the very same land." You can read the entire story.(Read about it here.)

The world bank has been asking questions about what it will take to end poverty. While Infrastructure is essential, people helping themselves and others in the process will go a long way. Vivek Mundkur did not begin his DIY adventure with any preconcieved ideas. he is quick to admit that he did it just to solve his own problems. That they could be replicated and scaled to others and turn lives around is pure chance. 'As long as the sun shines and the water flows, land will give life to men and animals', goes a famous native American proverb. People like Col. Mundkur just do their bit.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The bucket list

What all I want to achieve and do,
before I say I'm done.
There are a few important things,
and a few that are just fun.

There are some of those standard things,
that always make every list.
The travel to exotic lands, the books to read,
playing music and being an artist.

Then there are some things on the list,
that most must think about.
And may be others get them fast,
so don't need to list them out.

Like getting through at least one day,
knowing I am exactly who I was meant to be.
I wish I do all that and more for others
that I want them to do unto me.

I hope that I can at least one day say,
that I tried my best for all.
That I helped all who asked me then,
for any help, big or small.

There are times now, I don't like myself,
for saying or doing some things sometimes.
But I do hope that by that time,
I am able to break such petty confines.

Then there are some things on the list,
that are just pure fantasy,
a trip to the moon, a day like a child's,
and that special weekend that never could be.

There is also finding my inner self,
the one who got lost in layers of fat.
oh, yes I hope by then I can handle all of life,
with a bit of wit and tact.

Bucket lists as far as I can tell,
are for things not easy to do.
Maybe the bucket list is a reminder,
of what might make you, you!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Acts of Kindness and a competition.

“When you come upon a path that brings benefit and happiness to all, follow this course as the moon journeys through the stars.”
― Siddhārtha Gautama

Benefit and happiness to all! Hindu philosophy, I have been told, hinges on the concept of ‘Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu’ (May the whole world be happy). It even goes on to include living beings, other than humans. While I would like to believe that we are all working towards a goal of happiness for all that you see and hear in the news is rather discouraging.

I think partly because the media loves sensationalizing things…. and by its very definition ‘man bites dog’ is what will get more eyeballs (and activists) than ‘dog bites man’, and partly because we ourselves feel that nothing small counts. If it has to qualify as important it has to be on a big scale. Teaching one child who needs help is not important. For it to matter we feel, we have to open a school and who can do that?!

Recently, writing for a publication I had a free hand to write ‘positive stories’. Used as I was to the daily news feed, I was not sure if I would get any real stories to tell. What began as a rather skeptical exercise gained momentum very fast and soon I was seeing all the good people were doing. These were ordinary everyday people. Often they would be on a modest salary and would be doing something extraordinary that began small but made a huge difference to the world today. A railway employee who has set up an online blood donation portal and phone message and call service, that puts donors and receivers in touch instantly, in any part of India. A young woman with a three year old who is teaching blind people to braille visiting cards and encouraging entrepreneurship. She also has created a large library of online audio books in many Indian languages that can be accessed for free by anyone who wants to. There are many more such unsung heroes and maybe someday they will all find a place in a book.

Of course it is great if we can set up a school,and some of these people now run schools and hospitals on shoe strings, but teaching even one child does count. And most of the people I spoke with said that they started small. You have to start somewhere! They also learnt along the way what they should or should not do. The most important common thread that emerged was that they were practicing acts of kindness. They were not waiting for any agency to come and help or the government to step in. They extended a hand and someone grasped it.

My skepticism melted away at their kindness. I now believe that we must do what we feel like to help others. It may be just a random act of kindness, helping a person across a busy street or baby-sitting a neighbors child so they can have a bit of time off. It may sound insignificant but as Aesop, 550 BC, had said “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”

Post script - Inspired by all the people I write about, I have taken up a project which is keeping me engaged these days. We have made it the finals of an international competition on social good.  I am learning what fun it is when you can do something that combines social good with your everyday existence. You can read about it here. Or my previous post.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The World bank blog asks....,

A Question Going Global: What Will It Take to End Poverty?

As is the case with such questions, there are as many opinions as there are readers. Almost everyone agrees on the basics and I quote from the post ‘They have talked about education, food security, health, jobs, child care and many other issues. Here’s what a couple of people have had to say: “Countries need to put in place the critical infrastructure in the rural areas like roads, market stores etc and then work direct with the rural poor” and “make secondary education free for all children & increase access 2 domestic water.”

The blog post by Dr. Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank group, invites everyone to be a part of this effort and you can participate with tweets, comments and ideas. I love the idea of having everyone answering a question that should concern all of us. In fact we should all care about such questions and where the answers lead us. It may even lead you on a path of self-discovery. Inconvenient truths like poverty, female foeticide, a fast detetiorating forest cover, pollution etc cannot be swept under the carept and forgotten.

Like many others I too believe that a lot can be done in fields of education, women’s health and the like. We all try to do our bit in whatever way we can, however we can fit that into our busy everyday lives. But once in a way we get an opportunity to do something that can make a concrete difference to people who could do with some help.

So in answer to the question ‘What will it take to end poverty?’ I believe that while there is a general overall need for education, health, food for all and along with that each of us should do whatever we can, big or small. Each one can teach one to fish so he can feed at least himself. Here is my chance to do something a bit bigger than what I have been doing so far.

With 3D printing all set to take the manufacturing industry by storm, it seems fitting that there should be other aspects of our life that it should touch. 3D printing lets you print your designs in any material you want and translates your drawings into a touch and feel reality. The raw material is often plastic.

With a rapidly emerging consumer economy, plastics are pervasive in urban India. In fact, urban areas are characterized by plastic bottles and bags which litter the sidewalks. It is estimated that 12.5 million tons of plastic are consumed per annum by India. Unfortunately, environmental preservation is not high on the list of priorities and littering is rampant. And while over forty percent of the total plastics waste generated is recycled, almost all the segregation occurs at the dump site.
In the city of Pune, India where this project hopes to take flight, there is a system of waste pickers cooperative that collects garbage at source and sells it to scrap dealers.  The team at ‘Just 3D printing’ has conceptualized a three pronged collaborative approach that takes into account all this.
Just 3D printing will source recycled plastics procured from local waste pickers. This will be a three-step process that will in fact provide opportunities.

Step one, which has been called ‘Flakerbot’ will provide opportunities at the waste picker level. It involves transforming the waste plastic products into ‘flakes/ grounds’ using low tech mechanical means. It requires almost no investment or skills but will raise the price of the product and will fetch the waste pickers more money. It is also easy to store and transport, thus cutting costs.

Step two, or the ‘Refilbot’ will convert these grounds/ flakes into filament that can be used for 3D printing. This will also need very little investment and easy to learn skills and will provide opportunities raising the level of the unskilled to semi-skilled to add even more value to their product thus raising their economic and social standards. The filament thus produced can either be sold to ‘Just3Dprinting’ or to other users of filaments.
Step three, involves 3D printing machines, which traditionally have been too expensive to be available to smaller businessmen. The 3D printing machines that are used by this group are low cost DIY printers that can be replicated in developing countries like India. They will be placed in kiosks that will print 3D objects for a small fee.

These kiosks will be geared towards young entrepreneurs and students and will be fairly priced and subsidized so as to allow rapid and low cost prototyping. The hope is that the access to these resources will encourage small business owners to invest in indigenous product design and development while simultaneously serving as an important education tool to the country’s youth. The kiosks will be staffed with local employees, trained to use computer our ‘3DPrinterBot’ equipment

The Flakerbot and the Refilbot can be placed even in homes of those who wish to use them, those creating many micro-entrepreneurs. This will ensure that the plastic is recycled as well as more employment opportunities are created, thus resulting is a socio-economic- environmental collaboration that augurs well for all concerned
Just3Dprinting also plans on taking the ‘Cradle to Grave’ approach that will recycle its own products, ensuring a responsible approach to business. Using materials sourced locally will be also good for the environment. While the business plan is very simple, it will solve several problems facing the developing world today.

Now we have an opportunity to transform this concept into reality and a step in this is the worldwide competition being held in London in October this yearYou can read about it here. We do need the support and help of many people in this as there is also public voting at the contest. Also I believe that there are many people behind every success story.

We may not be able to end the poverty of the world, or have a complete solution to the problem, but this and projects like this may be a start, along with education, health care and infrastructure.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy endings all.

Happy endings are wonderful,
but exactly what are they?
Is all very well that does end well,
just because every fairy tale ends the expected way.

It may sound strange, but could be true,
not everyone wants the very same end,
While some may want to wake with a kiss,
maybe sleeping beauty would have preferred the snug bed.

Who knows what the frog prince left behind,
when he turned into a man?
May be a family he had left somewhere,
saying he'd come back as soon as he can.

And what of the dwarfs in Snow-whites case,
who loved her and took the greatest care?
Maybe one of them was just biding time,
to lay his very heart and soul bare.

There is more to each story than what we see,
so the end may not be so perfect,
its just that in so many ways,
the standard things we've come to expect.

We feel that princes best suit pretty girls,
than the not so handsome dwarf,
and that frogs who turn into handsome men,
have no reason into a frog again to morph.

Maybe we should look beyond,
the standard happy ending,
and know to take Snow-white away from the dwarf,
may be for him was heart rending.

So may be not all is always well,
that looks like it ends well.
If each could try out different ends,
there would be a unique story to tell!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A thought for free

I wonder what happens to thoughts,
once they are out of your mind and  free?
Do they just hover around,
or  float away ever so gracefully?

Do they  fall to the ground with a thud,
ungainly and so heavy?
Or do they flit about like butterflies,
as light as light can be.

Might they be even taking flight,
like homing birds unerring,
reaching that special someone,
to whom your mind does often spring.

And what if the thought  you have,
is just a bit unkind,
does it take the other by surprise,
sneaking up from behind?

Do the others catch our thoughts,
do they spread from one to the other?
the good ones making all feel better,
while the bad causing them to smother.

And the thoughts, do they see another,
a thought from some one else?
Do they collide in mid air then
as their number swells?

Do similar thoughts just gang up,
and stay all together?
or is it opposites that attract,
and meld with one another?

These and many other questions
often go through my mind.
But since these are also thoughts like others
would in them I an answer find?

So if this word or thought reaches you,
do pay heed to my plea,
Do tell me what happens to thoughts,
once you set them free!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Second chances

The thing with being human is,
you often make mistakes.
There are times when you wish life- like the movies,
came with a scope for a few retakes.

Rewrite maybe just a scene,
or redo the script again.
Maybe tweak a dream ever so little
or just go back and your life re-ordain.

The plan that seemed so perfect once,
may show gaping holes, now that you know better.
That which seemed not so right then,
now feels perfect to the last letter.

Its all very well to say in life,
you do trip and often fall.
and that some falls may scar you for life,
while others hardly hurt at all.

Some turn out more or less okay,
after a few twists and turns.
And then there are those for which,
your heart often burns.

Not all life can be smooth sailing,
and sometimes you can't judge the surf.
and the path which you set off on,
may be uneven turf.

Not every mistake can be set right again,
but would it not be great?
If you had a few, just a set number of chances,
to wipe clean your messy slate.

You could then use those for what counts for you,
with wealth, health or any else.
Maybe even save it up,
a nest egg for future bad spells.

But the thing with being human is,
one often makes mistakes,
Maybe the biggest one yet could be,
the scope for a few retakes!!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Passing through?

Wonder what death feels like?
Are we just passing through, or is this the end?
Do you still feel the very same,
into another dimension it all extend?

What of all the feelings?
That makes one a foe, another a friend?
The likes, dislikes, the laughter,
that makes for life's heady blend.

That love we feel so intensely,
does it end with death?
Or does it stay in this world forever,
and mingle with the loved ones' breath?

What of the anger, the guilt, or sadness,
do they vanish in a puff?
Do they get left behind,
with all your other earthly stuff?

Is it better to know when,
how or where you might die?
So you could set all in order,
and all loose ends firmly tie.

Should it happen in an instant,
with no warning at all?
So living till the very last moment,
has you in its thrall.

These and many such questions,
raise themselves at times.
The answers hiding themselves,
in impossible to reach confines.

Maybe it is for the best,
that the answers all elude,
maybe not knowing makes us,
live the best way that we could!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Birthday wishes.

Every day is as important,
as the ones coming up or gone.
There is really no reason why,
to celebrate only, the day that you are born.

You could always make any day special,
just pick one randomly.
All you have to make sure is,
the one's you love are free.

You can even do it many times over,
and I hope everyone does too.
Telling you how special you are,
just once a year won't do.

So why do you need birthdays,
for all good things to come to you?
All you need is those you love most with you,
for the good times to accrue.

But a birthday is one of those times,
when all can wish you well,
those who may not be with you everyday,
and at other times are not able.

Sometimes those who love you,
cannot say so all the time.
A birthday  is just right for them,
to express their love openly in rhyme!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Being myself

I've often wanted to be myself,
do and say exactly as I wish,
I may have come very close to this,
but something always seemed amiss.

There seemed to be some walls,
ever so thin, that came up every time.
I ended up thinking and doing what ever
I felt suited the clime.

It was not exactly fake,
what I said or did.
but in the mix of  expectations,
a part of me just hid.

In fact it all seemed so true,
even I myself never really did know,
that there was also a hidden me,
who to none did ever show.

A lifetime may have passed me by,
if it had not been for you.
When I accepted my need for you,
the walls, they just cracked through.

It was like a light shone through,
like the lifting of a veil,
like I had been waiting with bated breath,
hoping to exhale.

It may have taken time for me,
to accept all that was,
But when I am with you,
I catch glimpses of my soul, even all its flaws.

I know now who I really am,
and maybe you do too.
Cause its only when I am with you,
that to myself I am true!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Kisses forever

A kiss is never just a kiss,
it's more than what it seems.
It can tell you so many things,
more than words on reams.

A kiss can hold many promises,
a trailer of what follows.
It can tell of love and tenderness,
in which one drowns and wallows.

A kiss can even tell you of regret,
of  that which could not be,
of  missed chances now,
or for ever a lost opportunity.

It  can tell of commitment,
a seal that bonds together.
A deal that holds fast no matter what,
and stretches into forever.

It can signify a lovely start,
to just a day or a life time.
a simple kiss could even,
give all a  new rhythm and rhyme.

But most of all it is a talisman,
that says come back safe and sound,
that says no matter where you go,
i'll always be around!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One of those days

I don't know if this happens.
to everyone out there.
All I know is on some days
I don't like what I do or say.

It might begin in the morning,
when I snap at the first person I see.
There may be no reason,
except that they did not let me be.

From there it just goes downhill,
I say things that don't sound so good,
Its like there is a wicked monster,
inside of  me and all he does is brood.

The weight of the world seems snugly,
on my shoulders rest.
To find a ray of happy sunshine,
I am, oh so hard-pressed.

May be the right thing to do then,
is to go right back to bed,
Get a grip on the monster,
lest his control spread.

But sometimes it does not matter,
however I wish it away,
All I know is there are days on which,
I don't like what I do or say!

Friday, July 20, 2012

What I know now

When I was a lot  younger,
I knew everything for sure.
There was never any doubt at all,
that I had all the answers clear.

So I never paid attention,
to what any had to say,
I knew that whatever I did,
was exactly right in every way.

The way I saw anything,
was the only way there was,
It was others who did not get me,
but that was just their loss.

In time my life expanded,
work and children came along.
I still felt I had all the answers,
but felt some of them might be wrong.

The time, it just kept flowing,
taking me on an eventful ride.
with  every bump, with every rub,
showing me a different side.

As I grew  a lot older
and some more life unscrolled,
I knew there was more to it,
than what I had thought and told.

With each day that does pass by,
there is only one thing I am sure,
that I do not have every answer,
it was confidence premature.

One thing that I know now,
is that telling this is no use.
everyone needs to go through life,
before this truth for themselves they can deduce!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The ones we love

Have you ever noticed
some people are always with you?
So much a part of who you are,
in all what you do.

In your thoughts so often,
you seem not to think of them at all.
The thoughts so much like breathing,
reflected in things big and small.

How do people or for that matter anything,
become a part of every thought.
Almost like there was never a time,
when you were them without.

Who knows how it all begins,
just that it is that way one day,
Like it was always just forever there,
in what you do and say.

Most often you can never tell,
exactly when it changed,
How what you once knew nothing about,
is in the mind firmly entrenched.

The thoughts, they float in and out of your mind,
with such impunity,
Now you catch them or maybe then,
you are unsure of your own acuity.

Does the morning dawn with thoughts of them,
or did they take root in your dream?
Maybe the last thing on your mind falling asleep,
looping through night and day, a recurrent theme.

There is no saying how and why it happens,
or even when it does,
sometimes it can calm you,
sometimes set your mind abuzz.

No matter when it happened,
no matter why and how,
its always nice to have them close,
right with you in the here and now!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life 365. A new daily in Pune.

This is the daily that I work with ....since we do not have an epaper yet, here are some of the stories.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Says who...

Have you ever wanted to say something,
to hear it from another?
The almost exact, very same words,
that a second ago you thought you'd utter!

It is almost like you said the words,
together, in unison.
The words took root in both your minds,
like they were  in season.

The thoughts you express at the time,
may be common or not so much.
They may be funny or just plain silly,
or something that does a heart touch.

The distance seems to matter not,
and time could be now, then or ever.
You can not be sure who said what,
the words just loop and chase one another.

Almost as if you can hear the thoughts,
before they shape up into words,
as they just whiz by lightening fast,
on wings, just like birds.

You might even begin to wonder,
if the voices are just in your head.
Or did you hear it somewhere before,
the thought you just expressed?

This must be what  an echo sounds like,
if at will you could have it around.
Your words tracing a path back to you,
sometimes even before you can say them aloud!

They may not be always around,
but when they are you know.
What you think comes back to you,
intercepting your words mid-flow.

They say echoes are fragile things,
that they vanish in thin air.
But that may be cause you learn too late,
your voice is one of a pair.

If you find words being voiced aloud,
as they take shape in your mind,
just cherish those precious echoes,
keep them with your heart closely entwined!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Whenever something  happens with me,
and even when it doesn't,
I find that I talk with you almost all the time,
sometimes even when I mustn't!

Most often I do not even stop to think,
what exactly I say to you.
The words almost fall over each other,
and trip and tumble through.

Sometimes I don't even completely say,
whatever it is I think.
I am so sure you will get it anyway,
I feel so much in sync.

In my dreams too, I talk with you,
as I watch myself from the outside.
And there are times even in dreamless sleep, 
I know of things I stated and implied. 

Then there have been times,
wide awake, I have drifted in a dream,
Even with many others around,
I spoke with just you on this or that theme.

I talk with you almost all the time,
sometimes even when I must not.
Silly me,I catch myself talking with you,
whether you are around or not!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This much, and no more.

I have often wondered,
if it could be really true,
that there is a very finite number,
of breaths preassigned to you.

Before you even enter this world,
your heart beats are fixed I'm told,
it'll stop once those are done,
no matter how young you are, or old.

Does the rule apply to tears as well?
or can they generate themselves at will?
Is that why they come when you want them least?
Just well right up and spill?

When you laugh out loud at something,
is there a lethal dose?
Lest you have none left over,
when  you need to laugh the most!

What of friends and family?
Is there a limit on those too?
If you have a blessed childhood,
are the grown up friends just a few?

And the words that fly back and forth,
are they well rationed too?
Use just so with this person,
and then a full stop you should bring it to.

I have heard it said before,
but I could never believe it was true,
Now I am not so sure any more,
maybe its all so fixed, there is nothing you can do!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Through any looking glass...

It should have happened long ago,
maybe when we had just met,
but in the humdrum of daily life,
to ask, I did forget.

But now that I have some time,
to pause and give it thought,
the things that I have never done before,
I catch myself doing them a lot.

Sometimes when I pass something
in which I catch a glimpse of me,
I find myself looking carefully.
and wonder what it is you see.

Do you, when you look at me,
see what everybody else does?,
Or do you see me differently,
and does it set your heart abuzz?

Is there at all any thing special in me
that only you can see?
Something that none else can,
something that makes me, me.

The love that finds expression there,
is that what you see in the eyes?
Do they tell you of the longing too,
the hope that there will be no goodbyes?

Do you just see my smile,
the one that all the others do?
Or also see that  the smile happens,
each time I think of you.

The pulse leaping in my throat,
does it look like its reaching out to you?
Spelling out exactly what I feel,
almost as if on cue.

Do the restless hands tell  you their story,
of a longing to be held,
In your hands that fit so perfectly
they seem into one just meld.

Oh, for once to see myself,
exactly as only you must do.
I wonder what it is you see,
and would I see myself that way too?!

These and many such questions,
often go through my mind,
when I catch my reflection,
sometimes in the daily grind!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Only for me.

Have you ever done something
that feels righter than right?
Like something that was meant to be,
something that set the stars alight.

Something that comes from your soul,
or maybe reaches out to yours,
it feels like it has naught to do,
with the world and its earthly scores.

Something that you have done,
just for yourself alone,
not who you have become,
in all the relationships you own.

It may not be something,
that people around you think you must.
Just something that you want to do,
because you put your instinct first.

It may not at all affect,
all those you have around,
or it may encompass each and every one of those,
who in your life abound.

Doing what ever you need to do,
as you go along in life
how often do you think of anything,
other than the daily strife?

How would you know what it is,
that makes you feel just so?
Well, just know it has to do with you alone,
that sets you happily aglow.

So if you ever get a chance,
to do something that ordinarily can never be,
let your fears not hold you back,
and watch your heart soar free.

If you have never done anything,
that felt righter than right,
do something  just for yourself once,
that will set those stars alight!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look, leap, live.

I was always told to weigh things well,
before I took a step, big or small.
'Look before you leap' was so inbred,
I was cautious to leap, lest I fall.

Sound advice, that any can take,
a recipe to live life by,
With care and caution you could do well,
 till it's time for you die.

To look at every pro and con,
before I made up my mind,
to look and read between the lines,
before anything I ever signed.

To consider all that was possible,
to think of the probable,
to ponder what could have been,
and what may be applicable.

So sound was every step I took,
it seemed to be resonate,
think, think and think again
lest you get it wrong and the future detonate.

The more closely I looked at things,
the more the flaws appeared,
things that at first seemed like adventure,
became monsters to be feared.

Oh not that it was bad advice,
because it did lead to a safer day,
while others stumbled and faltered through,
I had things go exactly my way.

Sometimes though when I catch a glimpse,
of the lost forks in the way,
I wonder if the dragons lurking there,
might have been better vanquished anyway.

The fights might have been dangerous
and at first I might have lacked the skills,
but once I got the hang of it,
it may have been full of thrills.

And I must have missed some fairies too,
and a few rainbows along the way,
looking and thinking in black and white,
kept brilliant colours at bay.

Good advice it may be,
to look before your every leap,
but for adventure, fairy tales and dragons along the way,
let some moments now and then, off your feet you sweep!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

While you were sleeping....

Did you feel you missed yourself,
in the small hours of the night?
A funny feeling that you were not all there,
though asleep, in plain sight!

I know this, as you were with me last night,
of this I am very sure.
Your shoulder felt so comforting,
it was for every little ill, the cure.

You must have felt tired this morn.
from all the wandering,
How can I  be feeling so?,
it must have left you wondering.

Let me tell you what happened to be,
that left you feeling so.
The details are hazy, but seemed just right,
and the world appeared aglow.

On a long journey the both of us,
as we drove some place I don't know.
The feeling when I leaned into your shoulder that once,
felt like coming home, after ages on the go.

The conversations that we had then.
on the silly, everyday, oh so mundane things,
I never knew of such complete bliss,
that the ordinary brings.

Those little things, those everyday  happenings,
that pass by in a blur,
in that dream, I lived each one,
those images in sharper focus as it were.

How I wish it had lasted some more,
that brief slice of time I had with you.
But you just had to get back, before sleep broke,
and there was nothing more to do.

Thank goodness it happened though,
a taste of what it could, it should, it might be.
Next time too, I'll invite you in my dreams,
to savour reality!

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