Tuesday, January 10, 2012

While you were sleeping....

Did you feel you missed yourself,
in the small hours of the night?
A funny feeling that you were not all there,
though asleep, in plain sight!

I know this, as you were with me last night,
of this I am very sure.
Your shoulder felt so comforting,
it was for every little ill, the cure.

You must have felt tired this morn.
from all the wandering,
How can I  be feeling so?,
it must have left you wondering.

Let me tell you what happened to be,
that left you feeling so.
The details are hazy, but seemed just right,
and the world appeared aglow.

On a long journey the both of us,
as we drove some place I don't know.
The feeling when I leaned into your shoulder that once,
felt like coming home, after ages on the go.

The conversations that we had then.
on the silly, everyday, oh so mundane things,
I never knew of such complete bliss,
that the ordinary brings.

Those little things, those everyday  happenings,
that pass by in a blur,
in that dream, I lived each one,
those images in sharper focus as it were.

How I wish it had lasted some more,
that brief slice of time I had with you.
But you just had to get back, before sleep broke,
and there was nothing more to do.

Thank goodness it happened though,
a taste of what it could, it should, it might be.
Next time too, I'll invite you in my dreams,
to savour reality!


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