Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look, leap, live.

I was always told to weigh things well,
before I took a step, big or small.
'Look before you leap' was so inbred,
I was cautious to leap, lest I fall.

Sound advice, that any can take,
a recipe to live life by,
With care and caution you could do well,
 till it's time for you die.

To look at every pro and con,
before I made up my mind,
to look and read between the lines,
before anything I ever signed.

To consider all that was possible,
to think of the probable,
to ponder what could have been,
and what may be applicable.

So sound was every step I took,
it seemed to be resonate,
think, think and think again
lest you get it wrong and the future detonate.

The more closely I looked at things,
the more the flaws appeared,
things that at first seemed like adventure,
became monsters to be feared.

Oh not that it was bad advice,
because it did lead to a safer day,
while others stumbled and faltered through,
I had things go exactly my way.

Sometimes though when I catch a glimpse,
of the lost forks in the way,
I wonder if the dragons lurking there,
might have been better vanquished anyway.

The fights might have been dangerous
and at first I might have lacked the skills,
but once I got the hang of it,
it may have been full of thrills.

And I must have missed some fairies too,
and a few rainbows along the way,
looking and thinking in black and white,
kept brilliant colours at bay.

Good advice it may be,
to look before your every leap,
but for adventure, fairy tales and dragons along the way,
let some moments now and then, off your feet you sweep!!


  1. beautifully told us to take in the journey and not just concentrate on the destination.

    1. That would be one way of looking at it, but also that we are so careful some times that we miss all the fun...of fighting our battles, of the lows and the highs that life has on offer. It is good to be careful, but it can be a kill joy!


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