Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Only for me.

Have you ever done something
that feels righter than right?
Like something that was meant to be,
something that set the stars alight.

Something that comes from your soul,
or maybe reaches out to yours,
it feels like it has naught to do,
with the world and its earthly scores.

Something that you have done,
just for yourself alone,
not who you have become,
in all the relationships you own.

It may not be something,
that people around you think you must.
Just something that you want to do,
because you put your instinct first.

It may not at all affect,
all those you have around,
or it may encompass each and every one of those,
who in your life abound.

Doing what ever you need to do,
as you go along in life
how often do you think of anything,
other than the daily strife?

How would you know what it is,
that makes you feel just so?
Well, just know it has to do with you alone,
that sets you happily aglow.

So if you ever get a chance,
to do something that ordinarily can never be,
let your fears not hold you back,
and watch your heart soar free.

If you have never done anything,
that felt righter than right,
do something  just for yourself once,
that will set those stars alight!

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