Sunday, January 29, 2012

Through any looking glass...

It should have happened long ago,
maybe when we had just met,
but in the humdrum of daily life,
to ask, I did forget.

But now that I have some time,
to pause and give it thought,
the things that I have never done before,
I catch myself doing them a lot.

Sometimes when I pass something
in which I catch a glimpse of me,
I find myself looking carefully.
and wonder what it is you see.

Do you, when you look at me,
see what everybody else does?,
Or do you see me differently,
and does it set your heart abuzz?

Is there at all any thing special in me
that only you can see?
Something that none else can,
something that makes me, me.

The love that finds expression there,
is that what you see in the eyes?
Do they tell you of the longing too,
the hope that there will be no goodbyes?

Do you just see my smile,
the one that all the others do?
Or also see that  the smile happens,
each time I think of you.

The pulse leaping in my throat,
does it look like its reaching out to you?
Spelling out exactly what I feel,
almost as if on cue.

Do the restless hands tell  you their story,
of a longing to be held,
In your hands that fit so perfectly
they seem into one just meld.

Oh, for once to see myself,
exactly as only you must do.
I wonder what it is you see,
and would I see myself that way too?!

These and many such questions,
often go through my mind,
when I catch my reflection,
sometimes in the daily grind!!

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