Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This much, and no more.

I have often wondered,
if it could be really true,
that there is a very finite number,
of breaths preassigned to you.

Before you even enter this world,
your heart beats are fixed I'm told,
it'll stop once those are done,
no matter how young you are, or old.

Does the rule apply to tears as well?
or can they generate themselves at will?
Is that why they come when you want them least?
Just well right up and spill?

When you laugh out loud at something,
is there a lethal dose?
Lest you have none left over,
when  you need to laugh the most!

What of friends and family?
Is there a limit on those too?
If you have a blessed childhood,
are the grown up friends just a few?

And the words that fly back and forth,
are they well rationed too?
Use just so with this person,
and then a full stop you should bring it to.

I have heard it said before,
but I could never believe it was true,
Now I am not so sure any more,
maybe its all so fixed, there is nothing you can do!

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