Sunday, March 11, 2012

Says who...

Have you ever wanted to say something,
to hear it from another?
The almost exact, very same words,
that a second ago you thought you'd utter!

It is almost like you said the words,
together, in unison.
The words took root in both your minds,
like they were  in season.

The thoughts you express at the time,
may be common or not so much.
They may be funny or just plain silly,
or something that does a heart touch.

The distance seems to matter not,
and time could be now, then or ever.
You can not be sure who said what,
the words just loop and chase one another.

Almost as if you can hear the thoughts,
before they shape up into words,
as they just whiz by lightening fast,
on wings, just like birds.

You might even begin to wonder,
if the voices are just in your head.
Or did you hear it somewhere before,
the thought you just expressed?

This must be what  an echo sounds like,
if at will you could have it around.
Your words tracing a path back to you,
sometimes even before you can say them aloud!

They may not be always around,
but when they are you know.
What you think comes back to you,
intercepting your words mid-flow.

They say echoes are fragile things,
that they vanish in thin air.
But that may be cause you learn too late,
your voice is one of a pair.

If you find words being voiced aloud,
as they take shape in your mind,
just cherish those precious echoes,
keep them with your heart closely entwined!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Whenever something  happens with me,
and even when it doesn't,
I find that I talk with you almost all the time,
sometimes even when I mustn't!

Most often I do not even stop to think,
what exactly I say to you.
The words almost fall over each other,
and trip and tumble through.

Sometimes I don't even completely say,
whatever it is I think.
I am so sure you will get it anyway,
I feel so much in sync.

In my dreams too, I talk with you,
as I watch myself from the outside.
And there are times even in dreamless sleep, 
I know of things I stated and implied. 

Then there have been times,
wide awake, I have drifted in a dream,
Even with many others around,
I spoke with just you on this or that theme.

I talk with you almost all the time,
sometimes even when I must not.
Silly me,I catch myself talking with you,
whether you are around or not!

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