Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Being myself

I've often wanted to be myself,
do and say exactly as I wish,
I may have come very close to this,
but something always seemed amiss.

There seemed to be some walls,
ever so thin, that came up every time.
I ended up thinking and doing what ever
I felt suited the clime.

It was not exactly fake,
what I said or did.
but in the mix of  expectations,
a part of me just hid.

In fact it all seemed so true,
even I myself never really did know,
that there was also a hidden me,
who to none did ever show.

A lifetime may have passed me by,
if it had not been for you.
When I accepted my need for you,
the walls, they just cracked through.

It was like a light shone through,
like the lifting of a veil,
like I had been waiting with bated breath,
hoping to exhale.

It may have taken time for me,
to accept all that was,
But when I am with you,
I catch glimpses of my soul, even all its flaws.

I know now who I really am,
and maybe you do too.
Cause its only when I am with you,
that to myself I am true!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Kisses forever

A kiss is never just a kiss,
it's more than what it seems.
It can tell you so many things,
more than words on reams.

A kiss can hold many promises,
a trailer of what follows.
It can tell of love and tenderness,
in which one drowns and wallows.

A kiss can even tell you of regret,
of  that which could not be,
of  missed chances now,
or for ever a lost opportunity.

It  can tell of commitment,
a seal that bonds together.
A deal that holds fast no matter what,
and stretches into forever.

It can signify a lovely start,
to just a day or a life time.
a simple kiss could even,
give all a  new rhythm and rhyme.

But most of all it is a talisman,
that says come back safe and sound,
that says no matter where you go,
i'll always be around!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One of those days

I don't know if this happens.
to everyone out there.
All I know is on some days
I don't like what I do or say.

It might begin in the morning,
when I snap at the first person I see.
There may be no reason,
except that they did not let me be.

From there it just goes downhill,
I say things that don't sound so good,
Its like there is a wicked monster,
inside of  me and all he does is brood.

The weight of the world seems snugly,
on my shoulders rest.
To find a ray of happy sunshine,
I am, oh so hard-pressed.

May be the right thing to do then,
is to go right back to bed,
Get a grip on the monster,
lest his control spread.

But sometimes it does not matter,
however I wish it away,
All I know is there are days on which,
I don't like what I do or say!

Friday, July 20, 2012

What I know now

When I was a lot  younger,
I knew everything for sure.
There was never any doubt at all,
that I had all the answers clear.

So I never paid attention,
to what any had to say,
I knew that whatever I did,
was exactly right in every way.

The way I saw anything,
was the only way there was,
It was others who did not get me,
but that was just their loss.

In time my life expanded,
work and children came along.
I still felt I had all the answers,
but felt some of them might be wrong.

The time, it just kept flowing,
taking me on an eventful ride.
with  every bump, with every rub,
showing me a different side.

As I grew  a lot older
and some more life unscrolled,
I knew there was more to it,
than what I had thought and told.

With each day that does pass by,
there is only one thing I am sure,
that I do not have every answer,
it was confidence premature.

One thing that I know now,
is that telling this is no use.
everyone needs to go through life,
before this truth for themselves they can deduce!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The ones we love

Have you ever noticed
some people are always with you?
So much a part of who you are,
in all what you do.

In your thoughts so often,
you seem not to think of them at all.
The thoughts so much like breathing,
reflected in things big and small.

How do people or for that matter anything,
become a part of every thought.
Almost like there was never a time,
when you were them without.

Who knows how it all begins,
just that it is that way one day,
Like it was always just forever there,
in what you do and say.

Most often you can never tell,
exactly when it changed,
How what you once knew nothing about,
is in the mind firmly entrenched.

The thoughts, they float in and out of your mind,
with such impunity,
Now you catch them or maybe then,
you are unsure of your own acuity.

Does the morning dawn with thoughts of them,
or did they take root in your dream?
Maybe the last thing on your mind falling asleep,
looping through night and day, a recurrent theme.

There is no saying how and why it happens,
or even when it does,
sometimes it can calm you,
sometimes set your mind abuzz.

No matter when it happened,
no matter why and how,
its always nice to have them close,
right with you in the here and now!


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