Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Being myself

I've often wanted to be myself,
do and say exactly as I wish,
I may have come very close to this,
but something always seemed amiss.

There seemed to be some walls,
ever so thin, that came up every time.
I ended up thinking and doing what ever
I felt suited the clime.

It was not exactly fake,
what I said or did.
but in the mix of  expectations,
a part of me just hid.

In fact it all seemed so true,
even I myself never really did know,
that there was also a hidden me,
who to none did ever show.

A lifetime may have passed me by,
if it had not been for you.
When I accepted my need for you,
the walls, they just cracked through.

It was like a light shone through,
like the lifting of a veil,
like I had been waiting with bated breath,
hoping to exhale.

It may have taken time for me,
to accept all that was,
But when I am with you,
I catch glimpses of my soul, even all its flaws.

I know now who I really am,
and maybe you do too.
Cause its only when I am with you,
that to myself I am true!


  1. This is just so true... I feel like it is my story that is being told by you ...

  2. Hi Suchi,
    It feels nice to address someone else with my own name (people often shorten my name to Suchi) I am glad you like the poem. I guess all stories are similar... :) as are our emotions.


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