Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One of those days

I don't know if this happens.
to everyone out there.
All I know is on some days
I don't like what I do or say.

It might begin in the morning,
when I snap at the first person I see.
There may be no reason,
except that they did not let me be.

From there it just goes downhill,
I say things that don't sound so good,
Its like there is a wicked monster,
inside of  me and all he does is brood.

The weight of the world seems snugly,
on my shoulders rest.
To find a ray of happy sunshine,
I am, oh so hard-pressed.

May be the right thing to do then,
is to go right back to bed,
Get a grip on the monster,
lest his control spread.

But sometimes it does not matter,
however I wish it away,
All I know is there are days on which,
I don't like what I do or say!

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