Monday, July 16, 2012

The ones we love

Have you ever noticed
some people are always with you?
So much a part of who you are,
in all what you do.

In your thoughts so often,
you seem not to think of them at all.
The thoughts so much like breathing,
reflected in things big and small.

How do people or for that matter anything,
become a part of every thought.
Almost like there was never a time,
when you were them without.

Who knows how it all begins,
just that it is that way one day,
Like it was always just forever there,
in what you do and say.

Most often you can never tell,
exactly when it changed,
How what you once knew nothing about,
is in the mind firmly entrenched.

The thoughts, they float in and out of your mind,
with such impunity,
Now you catch them or maybe then,
you are unsure of your own acuity.

Does the morning dawn with thoughts of them,
or did they take root in your dream?
Maybe the last thing on your mind falling asleep,
looping through night and day, a recurrent theme.

There is no saying how and why it happens,
or even when it does,
sometimes it can calm you,
sometimes set your mind abuzz.

No matter when it happened,
no matter why and how,
its always nice to have them close,
right with you in the here and now!


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