Friday, July 20, 2012

What I know now

When I was a lot  younger,
I knew everything for sure.
There was never any doubt at all,
that I had all the answers clear.

So I never paid attention,
to what any had to say,
I knew that whatever I did,
was exactly right in every way.

The way I saw anything,
was the only way there was,
It was others who did not get me,
but that was just their loss.

In time my life expanded,
work and children came along.
I still felt I had all the answers,
but felt some of them might be wrong.

The time, it just kept flowing,
taking me on an eventful ride.
with  every bump, with every rub,
showing me a different side.

As I grew  a lot older
and some more life unscrolled,
I knew there was more to it,
than what I had thought and told.

With each day that does pass by,
there is only one thing I am sure,
that I do not have every answer,
it was confidence premature.

One thing that I know now,
is that telling this is no use.
everyone needs to go through life,
before this truth for themselves they can deduce!

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