Friday, August 3, 2012

Birthday wishes.

Every day is as important,
as the ones coming up or gone.
There is really no reason why,
to celebrate only, the day that you are born.

You could always make any day special,
just pick one randomly.
All you have to make sure is,
the one's you love are free.

You can even do it many times over,
and I hope everyone does too.
Telling you how special you are,
just once a year won't do.

So why do you need birthdays,
for all good things to come to you?
All you need is those you love most with you,
for the good times to accrue.

But a birthday is one of those times,
when all can wish you well,
those who may not be with you everyday,
and at other times are not able.

Sometimes those who love you,
cannot say so all the time.
A birthday  is just right for them,
to express their love openly in rhyme!!

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