Sunday, August 26, 2012

Passing through?

Wonder what death feels like?
Are we just passing through, or is this the end?
Do you still feel the very same,
into another dimension it all extend?

What of all the feelings?
That makes one a foe, another a friend?
The likes, dislikes, the laughter,
that makes for life's heady blend.

That love we feel so intensely,
does it end with death?
Or does it stay in this world forever,
and mingle with the loved ones' breath?

What of the anger, the guilt, or sadness,
do they vanish in a puff?
Do they get left behind,
with all your other earthly stuff?

Is it better to know when,
how or where you might die?
So you could set all in order,
and all loose ends firmly tie.

Should it happen in an instant,
with no warning at all?
So living till the very last moment,
has you in its thrall.

These and many such questions,
raise themselves at times.
The answers hiding themselves,
in impossible to reach confines.

Maybe it is for the best,
that the answers all elude,
maybe not knowing makes us,
live the best way that we could!!

1 comment:

  1. Simple and just right,
    mysterious yet so true...
    that i can't deny...


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