Monday, August 27, 2012

Second chances

The thing with being human is,
you often make mistakes.
There are times when you wish life- like the movies,
came with a scope for a few retakes.

Rewrite maybe just a scene,
or redo the script again.
Maybe tweak a dream ever so little
or just go back and your life re-ordain.

The plan that seemed so perfect once,
may show gaping holes, now that you know better.
That which seemed not so right then,
now feels perfect to the last letter.

Its all very well to say in life,
you do trip and often fall.
and that some falls may scar you for life,
while others hardly hurt at all.

Some turn out more or less okay,
after a few twists and turns.
And then there are those for which,
your heart often burns.

Not all life can be smooth sailing,
and sometimes you can't judge the surf.
and the path which you set off on,
may be uneven turf.

Not every mistake can be set right again,
but would it not be great?
If you had a few, just a set number of chances,
to wipe clean your messy slate.

You could then use those for what counts for you,
with wealth, health or any else.
Maybe even save it up,
a nest egg for future bad spells.

But the thing with being human is,
one often makes mistakes,
Maybe the biggest one yet could be,
the scope for a few retakes!!


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