Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A thought for free

I wonder what happens to thoughts,
once they are out of your mind and  free?
Do they just hover around,
or  float away ever so gracefully?

Do they  fall to the ground with a thud,
ungainly and so heavy?
Or do they flit about like butterflies,
as light as light can be.

Might they be even taking flight,
like homing birds unerring,
reaching that special someone,
to whom your mind does often spring.

And what if the thought  you have,
is just a bit unkind,
does it take the other by surprise,
sneaking up from behind?

Do the others catch our thoughts,
do they spread from one to the other?
the good ones making all feel better,
while the bad causing them to smother.

And the thoughts, do they see another,
a thought from some one else?
Do they collide in mid air then
as their number swells?

Do similar thoughts just gang up,
and stay all together?
or is it opposites that attract,
and meld with one another?

These and many other questions
often go through my mind.
But since these are also thoughts like others
would in them I an answer find?

So if this word or thought reaches you,
do pay heed to my plea,
Do tell me what happens to thoughts,
once you set them free!!!

1 comment:

  1. Did I remember to mention, that I love this one?
    absolutely love it...


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