Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy endings all.

Happy endings are wonderful,
but exactly what are they?
Is all very well that does end well,
just because every fairy tale ends the expected way.

It may sound strange, but could be true,
not everyone wants the very same end,
While some may want to wake with a kiss,
maybe sleeping beauty would have preferred the snug bed.

Who knows what the frog prince left behind,
when he turned into a man?
May be a family he had left somewhere,
saying he'd come back as soon as he can.

And what of the dwarfs in Snow-whites case,
who loved her and took the greatest care?
Maybe one of them was just biding time,
to lay his very heart and soul bare.

There is more to each story than what we see,
so the end may not be so perfect,
its just that in so many ways,
the standard things we've come to expect.

We feel that princes best suit pretty girls,
than the not so handsome dwarf,
and that frogs who turn into handsome men,
have no reason into a frog again to morph.

Maybe we should look beyond,
the standard happy ending,
and know to take Snow-white away from the dwarf,
may be for him was heart rending.

So may be not all is always well,
that looks like it ends well.
If each could try out different ends,
there would be a unique story to tell!

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