Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ever after

Why do fairy tales end with the prince and princess,
riding off into the sunset?
What happens after that,
when life, its twists and turns them beset?

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After beating the dragons,
and slaying the wicked witch,
after the fancy wedding,
does mundane life look dull as water in a ditch?

Do they wake up from the honeymoon,
and get back to real life?
With all the every day chores,
all the stresses and the strife?

I wonder if the prince stays charming,
and she forever sweet.
Once they know each other better,
how do they each other treat?

Do they argue over money,
about who spends more than the other?
Whose turn it is to do dishes and cook the dinner,
about the bills who does bother?

Does she get ready to throw in the towel,
when he leaves it wet on the bed?
Does she voice all she dislikes,
or just choke on every word unsaid?

Do they move to another land,
when opportunity knocks for one?
What happens when his friends visit,
and she dislikes their beer and 'boys only' fun?

Is life about kids classes and fevers,
and car-pool and day care?
Do they fight and point fingers,
and say 'you did not do your share'?

Does he remember birthdays and special days,
and give her exactly what she wants?
Do they agree on everything-
is life perfect on all fronts?

What happens with age when they grow old,
and infirmities and ill health attack?
Do they unite and fight the war,
just like in their youth, some time back?

Why does no fairy tale,
ever talk about the lives they lead together?
Is it because then you have to talk of how ,
it is not easy riding into the sunset forever.

Fairy tales always  teach us,
that dragons can be beat,
But often life's little problems,
everyday, boring, mundane, are as hard to defeat!

The prince who has never really met the princess before, rescues her from drudgery, abuse and a fate worse than death. They live happily ever after. But while we  learn that dragons and wicked witches always lose, the tale never gives us a peek into their life together. I do wonder how things go when the regular everyday life takes over and the adrenaline rush subsides. The prince may be charming to women he meets for the first time, but does the charm wear thin after a while. The princess may have beautiful feet that fit dainty glass slippers, but does she leave them lying around after every party? What do you think?

Edited to add - And here is something I came across today - Fairytales for 20somethings, that give a new, modern twist to the tales.

Photo credit: muslim page / Foter / CC BY


  1. This is a thought that has been in my mind perennially... only you could have echoed it so beautifully...

  2. Thanks Preeti. I think it is in all our minds. :)It would be good to see something along those lines though... A Disney story!


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