Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The bucket list

What all I want to achieve and do,
before I say I'm done.
There are a few important things,
and a few that are just fun.

There are some of those standard things,
that always make every list.
The travel to exotic lands, the books to read,
playing music and being an artist.

Then there are some things on the list,
that most must think about.
And may be others get them fast,
so don't need to list them out.

Like getting through at least one day,
knowing I am exactly who I was meant to be.
I wish I do all that and more for others
that I want them to do unto me.

I hope that I can at least one day say,
that I tried my best for all.
That I helped all who asked me then,
for any help, big or small.

There are times now, I don't like myself,
for saying or doing some things sometimes.
But I do hope that by that time,
I am able to break such petty confines.

Then there are some things on the list,
that are just pure fantasy,
a trip to the moon, a day like a child's,
and that special weekend that never could be.

There is also finding my inner self,
the one who got lost in layers of fat.
oh, yes I hope by then I can handle all of life,
with a bit of wit and tact.

Bucket lists as far as I can tell,
are for things not easy to do.
Maybe the bucket list is a reminder,
of what might make you, you!

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