Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What do you do when you see a devil at the airport..

What do you do when you see a she devil on one side and a wicked witch on the other.... in a busy airport too? You just aim and shoot of course!

You hope for a steady hand and that you capture them .... since that may be the most fun you have  at the airport. Airports have always been dull places and  these days are pretty grim as well ... .. grim because security is serious business.(A word to the wise - never joke or look happy with them. Light heartedness is suspect!) Your shoes,  the laptops, the phones and the electronic thingies, in some cases even the belts holding up the pants, all coming off or out..... walking past machines that make you beep unexpectedly and an occasional pat down from a stern looking security person  .. all designed to make you feel like you are a fugitive on the run make the airport very un-fun.  So when you see a devil handing you a boarding pass, you just smile, say thank you and hope  that there are no devils in disguise on board with you. Gives new meaning to the phrase 'the devil you know'.

Why am I blogging about this? Well apart from the nice pictures that I can share, I also liked the fact that despite the storm that disrupted so many plans and must have caused all the airline staff  stress, trying to soothe feathers of ruffled angry passengers, these people made the time and got into the spirit of the celebrations. It is easy to get flustered and seem grim and deal with things very efficiently without looking like you are having fun. This adds an extra dimension. 
It brings a smile to everyone else's face as well.

There was also the lady who had been caged by a Gorilla.

And a Greek god!

 Hurricane Sandy did cause a lot of damage to property .... but it takes more than a hurricane to damage people's sense of humour and the spirit(s) of Halloween!

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