Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When madness strikes.

There are times when I find,
my head comes all unhinged.
The brains fall out, and the loss of them,
is on my acts impinged.

There are times I can tell,
as and when or just before it happens.
But once in a way it slides off the threads,
without me getting a sense.

No sense that it has happened at all,
No sense of what I do,
and the closer you are to who I am,
the worse it may be for you.

So if you see me scraping around,
getting some brains off the ground,
You may want to wait a bit,
till its all back in my head safe and sound.

And then wait some more,
for the madness to subside after I get my head back on.
But don't wait for  complete sanity,
the madness will never be all gone!

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