Friday, December 21, 2012

When this world ends!

What would you take to the other side,
if this world just ended today?
Keep in mind what is of this planet,
will just have on this planet to stay.

I wonder if I can take bits of my childhood,
the feel of summer holidays?
Those trips, those trains, those trees, those fields,
the travel to grandma's place.

Those times when what happened within the pages,
in books was as real my life.
The dashing prince, the brave young woman, and even demons,
who within me, battled all their strife!

Those images of 'best' friends,
the shared secrets and the plenty laughs,
those tears that flowed now and then,
when nothing was done by halves.

That first crush and the heartbreak,
love, loss and awkward moments too,
those trips down memory lane,
to the other side will they make it through?

My sons' first smiles, their first step,
the first day at the new school,
that feeling when they hug me,
in the mind play over again and unspool.

And what of all the hard earned wisdom,
that came with its scars and regrets,
Its just what I'll need on the other side,
when the harder the going gets.

Then there are some unmentioned hopes and wishes,
that may or may not ever be,
but I could not leave them behind here,
when I hold them to my heart so closely.

What Noah may have taken,
on the Ark was what he was told,
But what would you take if you knew,
that today was the end of this world?!

Edited to add. The world was supposed to end 11 other times.. or so  this piece says. It also talks about how we tend to treat the earth with less respect than it deserves when we think that it will end.

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