Saturday, February 23, 2013

How would you know...

If soul mates are meant to find one another,
is it because they share one soul?
Do they have just a piece of yours,
or are you equal parts of a whole?

Are soul mates exactly alike in every way,
and any difference ever so  rare.
Or are they just the opposite,
meant to complete one another as it were.

Are they are born with a piece of your soul,
and do you have a piece of theirs?
And like ancient bits of treasure maps,
do they match up by the jagged tears?

The one who has a piece of your soul,
would you know  just at  first sight?
Or are there a few close misses,
before you get it all just right?

Does age ever matter,
just what does come into play?
Is it looks, likes or nature,
or just somethings to one another you say?

Such questions sometimes come up,
and must have through the years.
No answer seemed to be exactly right,
from the young, the old or from peers.

Then again, it just maybe,
the quest for the perfect soul mate,
is to be the best mate you can ever be,
and leave the rest to happenstance and fate.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rules rule

When I was little I was told what and when to do,
a time to eat and drink and sleep
there was a time to play and read
a time to look and leap

Then there was a time for school
a time to play and a time to learn.
English in this slot and Science in that
and a time to every page in each book turn

And if you thought it ended with sleep,
you did not know the rules,
only some clothes were the right night clothes,
while other were  uniforms only for schools.

So maybe it stopped with school you say,
would you believe it just had begun?
the rules for judging one and all,
extended to everything under the sun.

What and where you wanted to study,
the subjects that you chose,
there was a rule that ranked them too,
and with that your standing dipped or rose.

What jobs were just right for the girls,
and how boys must plan their careers,
When and whom to get married to,
the right time for patter of little feet, for bottles and for diapers.

They even told you what you must want,
as parents of your child.
It was not just  fun and love and laughs,
there were many rules compiled.

From what to wear and what to eat,
and how and when it is best,
you are told be yourself and then,
pushed to follow the rest.

It seems it does not matter which generation,
it matters not what your age,
There are always rules you must follow,
and how you fit in, is the gauge.

Just as in life you live by rules,
so must you also in death.
when, how, what the rituals strict,
follow you even after your very last breath.

We all do it to those we love,
 for fear  is the strongest rule.
Maybe we should learn instead,
to be ourselves, to break free of schedule.

How then can you be yourself,
when you live by all these rules?
The rules that no one even knows who made,
be they wise men or be they fools.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The words come tumbling after...

Its not always what I say to you,
that I really want to tell
Often there is so much more
that's left unsaid as well.

Sometimes the time is just not right,
sometimes it isn't enough.
At times the words agonizingly slow
at times they sound too bluff.

The words, they come to the brink,
and they push and strain.
Sometimes just buzzing overhead,
almost for all to see, in sight plain.

And even though I know I can say,
just whatever I want with you,
its exactly what holds me back,
knowing what it might or might not do.

Oh I can get by with things as they are,
and it would not be so bad at all.
but there are times when I wish I could,
let out the words in  unfettered free fall.

To see where they would go and land
to just let them be.
to say the unsaid, the unexpected,
for once just feel, oh, so  free!

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