Saturday, February 23, 2013

How would you know...

If soul mates are meant to find one another,
is it because they share one soul?
Do they have just a piece of yours,
or are you equal parts of a whole?

Are soul mates exactly alike in every way,
and any difference ever so  rare.
Or are they just the opposite,
meant to complete one another as it were.

Are they are born with a piece of your soul,
and do you have a piece of theirs?
And like ancient bits of treasure maps,
do they match up by the jagged tears?

The one who has a piece of your soul,
would you know  just at  first sight?
Or are there a few close misses,
before you get it all just right?

Does age ever matter,
just what does come into play?
Is it looks, likes or nature,
or just somethings to one another you say?

Such questions sometimes come up,
and must have through the years.
No answer seemed to be exactly right,
from the young, the old or from peers.

Then again, it just maybe,
the quest for the perfect soul mate,
is to be the best mate you can ever be,
and leave the rest to happenstance and fate.

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