Thursday, March 21, 2013

A day for everything and everything for a day.

Mother's, Father's, is maybe how it began,
with others jumping  into the fray.
Now there is a theme to everyone,
be it grandparents, doctors or teacher's day.

Water, fire, air as well,
each one has its very own day.
While on others its 'Men', 'Children' and 'Women'
who firmly hold the sway.

You focus on your mother for her day,
and treat her like a queen.
Just as on 'World earth day' think of the planet too,
though on other days pillage and rob the green.

When there is an official day for happiness,,
does it mean other days need not be so?
If we celebrate life on only one day,
what are the others for?

There is a day against discrimination,
as if on others you can.
Is it not better to be reminded every day,
this scourge ruins life for every man.

A day for charity and and a day for peace,
for heart and health and friendship too.
a day to talk aloud of all these,
even if there is no follow through.

And then there are some days,
that are burdened with more than just one cause,
though that might be confusing,
as to which one to espouse.

Never mind what you do at other times,
but celebrate each on their day you must.
Some with flowers and chocolates and gifts,
others in conversations that raise dust.

Just as on a day for literacy earmarked,
you spread the word that its always learning time,
today on world 'Poetry day',
you can say it all in silly rhyme!

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