Friday, December 17, 2010

Happiness on hold

Sometimes we do not see things even when they are staring us in the face. Happiness for instance!. We do not recognise it because we are too busy chasing some elusive concept that we have heard about or read about. We savour the anticipation of what will be instead of revelling in the present moment, looking for that perfect something, forgetting that happiness is not about everything being perfect.

I remember a movie from long long seems like eons.. called 'Grihapravesh'. It had Sharmila Tagore and Sanjiv Kumar in the lead along with Sarika. ( I did say it was from long ago !) Sharmila is a housewife whose one aim is to have a house of her own. It is an obsession to the extent that she neglects repairing the rental home and even herself. She is constantly talking of the house she plans to have when she has enough money. The husband, Sanjiv Kumar is so bored with her obsession and the fact that she cannot look beyond it, strays with a colleague, younger and interesting, Sarika. He tells her how his wife neglects herself and him in the process. The girl buys it and responds to his overtures. When he wife comes to know about this,she asks the husband to get the girlfriend over. Puzzled at her strange reaction, he agrees to do so.

 Almost overnight, the wife has her house painted, set right and beautified. She also takes some pains with her appearance. When the girlfriend comes over, she is surprised to see a home and wife at variance with what he has described. The husband too is stunned at the makeover and you can see the rekindling of the interest for his wife.  For the wife who had been chasing a phantom of owning a home, it is homecoming to the concept of living life in the moment, grabbing life with both hands and holding on to all that is precious.

Today I read a news item about a housewife who was murdered at home for no apparent reason. The 36 yer old leaves behind a 14 yr old son and a husband. I was just wondering what the last memories about her ere. Did she smile at her son this morning as he left for school or did she exhort him to study harder? Did she wave at her husband   before he left for work or did she crib about his mother? I hope they all have good memories of her. I hope she did not reserve all her love for some later special occasion that will never come. Women especially, (being one, I should know) often save the good things for special occasions. The best cutlery, the best crockery, the best sari,... partly because we love surprises and being made to feel special. Yet when I read such things, I wish we all could treat each moment as special. We can always enjoy those extra special moments too, as and when they dawn.

For now how about looking the moment in its face and going for that happiness makeover.. a la  Sharmila in 'Grihapravesh'?


  1. I agree with you...I'm the same's when I hear such news as the one you mentioned in the post that I wonder if I'm living in the moment at all...Got to watch that movie...

  2. It was an awesome movie.. and you are so right.. we keep waiting for that special time, when we will actually 'live'.. and completely forget that we are actually living right now..

  3. @caterpillar We should all learn to live in the moment! Do watch the movie..a bit slow but worth it.

    @preeti I have not seen the movie recently.. but I think I need to revisit...

  4. very nicely compiled and put.
    great review.

  5. Women....a tightrope act between SO MANY responsibilities.
    Hats off to those countless one's who manage so well.


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